Presbyterianism in Ireland

Presbyterianism is a reformed Christian faith that places a strong emphasis on the authority of the Bible, the sovereignty of God, and the Kingship of Christ. Preaching the word of God forms a vital part of the Presbyterian worship services, and is set among a mixture of prayer and praise & worship sessions. Considering that they subscribe for reformative ideals, there is no fixed liturgy in Presbyterianism, and the sermons are tailored to meet the needs of the occasion.

The word Presbyterianism describes a form of government that emphasizes on individual and corporate responsibility of the members. In Ireland, the Presbyterian Church assumes three main levels of leadership in its management.

  • Congregational
  • Presbytery
  • General assembly

The general assembly is the highest decision-making body in the church, and it is headed by a moderator. The moderator, however, is not the head of the church. The constitution set it clear that the head of the church is Jesus Christ.

Through its congregation across all of Ireland, the Presbyterian church of Ireland assumes a communal way of life that forms part of a wider society. The church seeks to increase faith in Jesus Christ and spreading the gospel.