Organization of the Church and Worship

Any Presbyterian congregation should have some fundamental elements. Besides the seats occupied by the worshipers, four main items or pieces of furniture should be present in any gathering.

  • The Pulpit: This is where sermons are preached. In any gathering, the pulpit should be placed at a central place as a sign of the centrality of the proclamation of the word of God in the church.
  • The Bible Stand: In any church, the Bible is placed in a specific place as a source of authority in the life of any church.
  • Communion table – Placed in front of the pulpit and used during the service of the Holy Communion
  • Baptismal Font: Used during and for baptism times only.

Church services in the Presbyterian Church of Ireland vary from traditional t contemporary depending on the congregation. The word of God, however, is central in a setting of praise and prayer. It is worth noting that all ages are welcomed to participate in the gathering, with most denominations giving special references to young children.

In any Presbyterian church, the order of service involves singing of hymns. Prayers, children address, followed by an expository sermon from the minister of the day.