Vaping Etiquette Near an Irish Protestant Church

While the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention vaping as a sin, it is a general feeling among Protestant churches in Ireland (and elsewhere) that vaping is not a holy act. With all Christians believing that their body is the temple of God, it is generally thought that vaping (use of tobacco) and alcohol are not fit for the body. That’s why observing some etiquette when vaping around Christians is important.

Important Vaping Etiquette

If you’re in Ireland and happen to be mingling with Protestant Christians but feel like vaping, you can do a few things to show that you respect their faith. If allowed to vape, be sure to use a high-quality vape such as Lost Mary BM600, a very popular vape in the UK and beyond. Other UK’s most popular vapes include Elf Bar 600, Vuse Go, and Ske Crystal Bar. Here are some straightforward habits to maintain good vaping etiquette around a church or Christian demographic.

Find Out if They Are Comfortable

Of course, just because one is a Christian doesn’t mean they don’t like being around vapers. Proper vaping etiquette is about being mindful of other people and how the vapour may impact them. You can simply ask them if they are comfortable with your vaping. Most people will be honest enough to tell you how they feel about it.

Dispose of the Remains Properly

Are you in love with disposable vapes? They are exactly as they sound; you dispose of them once used. But that doesn’t mean littering the church compound or the vicinity. Wrapping your used vape in paper and putting it in a garbage container for collection is a simple yet efficient way of disposal.

Isolate Yourself

Finding your own space away from other people or church to vape is part of the vaping etiquette. That won’t raise alarm or offend anyone around the church.