Work of The Church

The Presbyterian Church is committed to winning to sharing the gospel, not only in Ireland but to the world. In light of this, the church supports local missions and projects through the board of Mission in Ireland. On the other hand, the Board of Missions Overseas manages international projects.

Locally, the church bears the burden of demonstrating God’s love by ministering and attending to individuals with different physical needs. The church provides a diverse range of services to communities 17 locations across the whole of Ireland. The church supports individuals with physical disabilities, the aged and people with mental limitations. People struggling with addiction and offenders are not left out either.

Today, the Presbyterian Church of Ireland has partnered with different organizations, indigenous churches, or mission agencies in more than 25 countries and supports missionaries actively engaged in spreading the gospel.

The Presbyterian Church is also committed to bringing people of different walks of life in Ireland together. It seeks to make a special contribution to life by addressing the concerns of locals within or outside the church. The church also bears the responsibility of engaging the government at different levels.