Being a Protestant in Ireland

Ireland is predominantly known as a country that practises the Catholic faith. However, for centuries there have been citizens who identify as Protestant. These people tend to be less recognised in the media than their Catholic counterparts. After all, Catholicism has become very intertwined with the cultural identity of Ireland. Therefore, people around the world may not be aware of what day to day life is like for members of the Church of Ireland.

Remembering the Origins

Every Irish Protestant will have at one time, or another delved into the origins of their faith. It is relatively new compared to other mainstream religions. It began with Henry VIII breaking ties with the Pope in favour of a Church of England. This was the birth of Protestantism.

Eventually, this spread to Ireland in 1536 with the conquest of the island by the English, and the Church of Ireland was founded. Since then there have been times of peace and of strife. On occasions, Protestants and Catholics have clashed with one another. In modern times these struggles have diminished, and the two live in relative harmony.

Dressing up for Church

Despite the fact that Protestantism rejects the pomp of other forms of Christianity, members of the Church of Ireland like to dress in a smart way when they attend services. Generally speaking, they wear suits and formal dresses when they enter places of worship. The current availability of the internet has meant that they can order the right shoe for these occasions from reputable sites.

It is especially important to dress well for religious ceremonial gatherings. This can include weddings and funerals. However, in day to day worship formal attire is not essential, just encouraged.

Uniting with Catholics

It would be wrong to state that the Church of Ireland is anti-Catholic. In fact, both denominations worship the same texts and share more similarities than they have differences. In modern-day Ireland, the Protestants integrate themselves with Catholics. It is important for this to happen so that both groups are able to form a united community. Today, bonds are being made between these two religions on a regular basis.

Having a Good Sense of Humour

One thing to be learned from the history of Protestantism, it is that you should never take yourself too seriously. That is why many Protestants like to crack jokes at their own expense. They also enjoy watching TV shows where the humour focuses on the clash between religions. A good example of this is the sitcom Derry Girls.

Keeping an Eye on the Calendar

Much like other forms of Christianity, Protestants have a busy year. There are numerous religious celebrations to prepare for. Christmas is naturally the most eagerly anticipated for Church of Ireland members.