How Protestants Churches Can Reduce Transmission of COVID-19

In Ireland, Protestantism is a large religious group. Although different churches are making the protestant group, nearly all the churches have a huge following. The vast gatherings pose a threat to the process of curbing the rapid spread of COVID-19. Since the government of the Republic of Ireland is advising her citizens to avoid crowded places, the main concern is on how church services at protestant churches will be conducted. Luckily, this post captures informative content on the precautions the churches and followers can follow to prevent transmission of coronavirus.

Observing Social Distance

Coronavirus is transmitted through contacting the virus. For instance, when one sneeze and droplets of the virus splash to another person, transmission occurs. Thus, protestant churches are required to observe the required distance of two metres in between one person and another. It is possible to achieve a distancing plan by reducing the number of people attending a service. For example, a church that holds one hundred people can reduce to around sixty to provide the needed space.

Avoiding Hugs and Shaking Hands

Hugging is a norm in most protestant churches. This is a norm that may now not have space as people are required to avoid body contact with other people. Coronavirus can stay on a surface for several days alive. Therefore, when believers in church hug or shake the hands of an infected person, if the person had dropped a virus through coughing on hands or other parts, there could be the transmission of the virus.

Wearing Face Masks and Sanitizing

Since the COVID-19 virus can stay alive for many days on open surfaces, people attending church services should regularly wash their hands and sanitize. Using clean water and soap or sanitizers, you can kill the virus. Furthermore, wearing masks protects the most vulnerable parts: the mouth and nose. Thus, protestant churches should have a washing point, and everyone attending services or gatherings must wear a mask.