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Following the Battle of the Diamond, the main leaders including James Wilson, Daniel Winter and James Sloan needed to get away from the throng to plan and think. The first embryonic meeting of the Orange Order as we know it took place in the Winter ancestral home in the farmyard 200 yards from the Diamond Crossroads. They needed a representative readily available to act for the whole body. James Sloan was chosen as Secretary. He was an educated man, a former Schoolmaster, who owned an Inn on the Main Street in Loughgall.

Discussion took place to outline the new organisation and it was decided to hold further discussions later in the house of James Sloan in Loughgall.


Captain John Gifford, of the Royal Dublin Militia, stationed at Portadown, was present in Sloan's Inn at Loughgall when it was founded, and it is claimed that he made up the Oath and drew up the rules.


Amongst others present were James Wilson of the Dyan, Thomas Sinclair of Derryscallop and James Sloan, the Innkeeper who was regarded as the first leader.


It can be said that James Wilson, from the Dyan, County Tyrone, arrived at the Diamond as an "Orange-boy" and left Loughgall as an Orangeman.


Sloan House today

The house consists of two private dwelling houses and a small Museum.


The Museum has on view various items of Orange memorabila; Warrants, Certificates and Williamite Coins. On display is the "Blunder-burst" (brass gun similar to a punt gun used by wildfowlers), which was seized at the Battle of the Diamond from a man named Quigley, who was the "Commander" of the Defenders. From the Battle of the Diamond, a Pike which was recovered from the thatch of the Winter ancestral home at the farmyard, is on display. Also, a Flag which was carried on 12th July 1849 at Dolly's Brae, County Down.


The future of Sloan House

Plans are at an advanced stage to build a two storey building at the rear of the house, which will house an enlarged Museum and an Interpretative Centre.



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