The Orange Order - as it presently exists - more correctly the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland, as you will see later, came into existence after the Battle of the Diamond in 1795. In his book "The Narrow Ground"  A.T.Q. Stewart says: "Because the Orange Institution has often been held to be the cause of fermenting sectarian strife it has long ago been forgotten that its birth was not the cause but the consequence of prolonged and severe sectarian conflict lasting over 20 years in a part of Co. Armagh".


The purpose of the Institution was to bring the Protestants of various denominations - Episcopalian - Presbyterian - Independents - Huguenots - Quakers - into one united group to maintain their Protestant religion and way of life and as a distinctive affirmation that they intended to hold fast to the FREEDOM of religion won at such a high cost at the Reformation.





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