For the first time ever, Co Armagh Grand Orange Lodge hosted the March 2012 meeting of Grand Lodge in the South Armagh village of Bessbrook.  The "Model Village" looked really well on what was a beautiful Spring day and the members of Bessbrook District LOL No. 11 had pulled out all the stops to ensure that the Grand Lodge Officers and visiting brethren received a tremendous welcome to "The County of the Diamond".

The meeting was held in the historic Town Hall which is owned by the local District Lodge and the lunch was in the Orange Hall.  Bessbrook District is the smallest in Co Armagh with 4 Lodges and 125 brethren, but what they lack in numbers, they certainly make up for in their enthusiasm for Orangeism and their profile in the village.

Photo of Grand Lodge and County Officers:

Back row (left to right): Norman Henry, Dep Grand Director of Ceremonies; Robert Oliver, Dep Co Grand Lect;

Jim Copeland, Co Grand Treas; Roger Gardiner, Co Grand Sec; Denis J Watson, Co Grand Master;

Joe Campbell, Dep Co Grand Master; Jeffrey Lawson, Dep Co Grand Sec; Sam Lockhart, Bessbrook Dist Rep to GL.

Front row (left to right): Rev David Reid, Grand Chap; Rev Ian McClean; Grand Chap; William McKeown, Grand Treas;

Edward Stevenson, Grand Master; Drew Nelson, Grand Sec; Rev Alistair Smyth, Dep Grand Master;

Sidney McIldoon, Grand Lect and Co Grand Lect.

Also, at the meeting, a new collarette was presented to Wor Bro Sidney McIldoon, Grand Lecturer.

Photo of presentation (left to right): Robert Oliver, Sec of Lecturers Conference; Edward Stevenson, Grand Master;

Sidney McIldoon, Grand Lect; Rev David Reid, Grand Chap, who dedicated the new collarette.